9 thoughts on “Watch “George Harrison – On Fame, Bliss and Consciousness (Last interview)” on YouTube

  1. Very interesting interview, dear mitra!! Love the topics George Harrison is mentioning… the concept of duality…ask and you shall find, I totally agree with that! Also yes, the importance of aiming to transcend the mind…peace of mind being more important than other material values…and bliss being the core of your being, absence of thoughts…lots of great topics here!! Enjoyed this a lot, dhanyavad dear yaar! Buenas noches, hugs

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  2. You are most welcome(स्वागत🙏). I like George Harrison very much because of his thoughts.he is like a saint for me.i am happy that you liked this post.yeah.peace of mind being more important than other material values…….big hugs and a lot of love,my dear dost!!Buenas noches.❤

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  3. Yes, I really appreciated this video!! I love these types of topics. Muchas gracias, y que descanses (may you rest well) big hugs and much love dear mitra 🙂 ❤


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