Everything in life is only a story…….

sansaar ki har shay ka itana hi fasaana hai*
Everything in life has but this much story*
ek dhundh se aana hai ek dhundh mein jaana hai*
[We] come from one (the same) fog, we are going to go to one (the same) fog.*

ye raah kahaan se hai ye raah kahaan tak hai*
From where is this path (where does it begin), where does this path go (where does it end).*
ye raaz koyi raahi samajha hai na jaana hai*
No traveller has been able to understand this secret, nor know (this secret).*

ek pal ki palak par hai thahari huyi ye duniya*
This world has stopped on a moment’s blink. (Palak=eyelash…)*
ek pal ke jhapakane tak har khel suhaana hai*
Every game is beautiful till a moment’s blink. (Jhapakna=blink)*

kya jaane koyi kis pal kis mod par kya bite*
What (how) does anyone know what (they) will (have to) go through at which moment, which turn.*
is raah mein ai raahi har mod bahaana hai*
O traveller, there is an excuse at every turn on this path.*


A Song of Movie-Dhundh(The Fog)

Send by Aruna Sharma.06.11.2019


4 thoughts on “Everything in life is only a story…….

  1. Behtarin rachna.👌👌
    kya jaane koyi kis pal kis mod par kya bite….
    Jindagi ek paheli ….samajh nahi paaye ham,
    jitna samjhnaa chaha utna hi uljhe paaye ham.


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