That Banyan tree deceived or not.

When you met me with love and coverd your head with the flat cap

Then that Bunyan tree smiled scarstly jointed hands to clap

I saw only love in your eyes with many blossomed roses

You had been flirting with me for many centuries imitating the beloved as unseen poses

You had mesmerized me and drawn me with sweet voice of guitar

I felt as I was wandering in the sky with my lovely star

Never imagined that many lust insects were hidden in your selfish head underneath your cap

Like a hunger wolf, you had left many sign on my skin by trap

Scretching by nails and biting teeth wounded my heart’s feelings and went away

Without any information to prey other beauty forever left me alone to slay

All branches of your Banyan was seemed like devil’s arms have griped me so much bitterly

No-my dear akki!! You had to come here when your hunger eyed needed my flesh

And I was stupidly waiting for you like true lover as my thoughts might be fresh

But now never I will say you welcome because I have become a ghost of all dead feelings

If you may come next time, beware to touch me, I have changed in images of a holy Buddha’s blessings

If you may try to tease me, you will become a cursed ghost too never to recover

And spiritually and physically I have inspired and pured able to suffer

See that Buddha who is blessing me like his closest pupil

And for purify me showering his blessings, he has hidden me under that Banyan tree as supil.

His all huge and deep roots have become my closest true souls as friends

Having broken heart they all know my pains and whisper all mantras.

They all feel loneliness which are blessed for them and mine

Our loneliness rains on our blue mountain for many tulips as rhyme.

Front of our sight there is a pond with pure water to show the graceful sign’s line

A blossoming lotus the symbol of immortal peace “Om Shanti”in the way as sublime.

Written by Aruna Sharma
All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.
All images are taken from Google.

14 thoughts on “That Banyan tree deceived or not.

  1. Smiling.your meaning is that there is not something to mind for your much thanks for appreciation,my dear and lovely friend dew!!🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷


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