My lonely hope of love…

Never mind if nobody gives you any response

May be he is feeling most pains and having wounds

It is natural- some are irriated when if one thing is asked many time

Feeling so much disturbance like a baby come to examine

Please leave him in his own emotion’s room for relaxing

So that he can talk with his own soul after all obstacles have been removing

Let him start again with a new point if he wants

Because life is too short for everybody to enchants

If I am worrying and standing at centre of volcano here

But have patience knowing this truth-my destiny will take me nowhere

Oh my dear heart!!be calm,
be relax because all beauty is uncertain

We are only waiting for and all hopes are situated on top of mountain

When the glaciers will melt and come down like a river

May be all beloved heart feel happy as rainy day’s shiver

I don’t care if ,my friend!!you can call me stupid,

Because you are blessed by Aphrodite and symbol of Cupid.

But in my heart has all feelins of blessings of my Krishna

And her Radha is still now dancing on riverbank of Yamuna

Sure,here all are mortal in the universe with unending hopes

But my Krishna has given me to reach him amazing ropes

My dear!!the love never is for defeated by all

May be all are to go forever heaven or hell

Written by Aruna Sharma.21:09:2019;12.53 at night. All images are taken from Google.
All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

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