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Why Krishna Is Relevant To Today’s Managers And Leaders ?

Have you ever been at a crossroads, confused about which direction to take… wondered if you needed to quit or continue, leave or stay, do or not do, act or just wait till things tide over?

It’s very common habit of human being of being doubtful in every situation. It’s an everyday experience. We’re constantly questioning ourselves even in small simple acts. Sometimes we can’t even manage our mind in small things.

Lord Krishna happens to be one of the most revered and liked gods of the Hindu pantheon. Looked at from a management point of view, he is the great decision maker and a leader par excellence. Apart from God, he is a true friend, philosopher, guide, motivator, problem solver and path shower to the mankind. Each incident of his life teaches us a great lesson.

Lord Krishna is the perfect manager. Let’s elaborate this statement.

Motivational speaker:

Krishna as a Motivational Speaker
The manager should have motivational skills. When Arjun reached the battlefield he looses his determination to fight. Arjuna was paralysed into inaction. Arjuna questioned the futility of killing his own relatives… he wondered what good was the victory if half his people would be dead at the end of it. Krishna motivated him by intervening and gave Arjuna wisdom that steered him to action. His speech later named “Bhagwat Gita”

Flexible and ready to come out of comfort zone:
The manager has to play a different role at a different time. When it becomes apparent that Jarasandh would not allow the kingdom of Mathura to enjoy uninterrupted peace as long as he and Balarama are there, Krishna does not hesitate to leave his comfort zone. In order to ensure that the denizens of the city remain safe, he decides to build a new capital at Dwarka and shift his operating headquarters there.

Strategy builder and achiever:

The ratio of the soldiers of Pandavas and Kauravas was uneven. Kauravas were having the larger army than Pandavas in the situation like this, the battle could be won only with Effective Strategies. The fact that Pandavas won the battle proves that Krishna was successful not only in building strategies but in implementing them to achieve success.

Able to lead from behind:

Krishna as a Leader
Lord Krishna leaded an army from behind. He leaded an illustrious people. Each one has great prowess, expertise, and self-mastery. He also gets to handle people who are more shrewd and cunning. Lord Krishna was not directly involved in battle as a warrior but then also Pandavas won the battle due to his extraordinary leadership qualities. Knowing his excellent Leadership Qualities, Arjuna requested Krishna not only to lead the entire mission but to personally lead him by accepting to be his “Saarthi” (Charioteer), guide him and lead him to success. And as being God, Lord Krishna could have accomplished everything himself singlehandedly and taken all the credit. But probably that’s what leadership all about not to hog the limelight yourself but to make everything a participatory task. A leader is not the one who walks, but the one who leads walking ahead of others.

Krishna is a role model for spiritually inclined leaders and managers. He demonstrates that being spiritual does not necessarily mean being soft. It only implies that one’s decisions and actions are rooted in stiff pragmatism, supported by sound values and operated by a desire to achieve the greater good.

Happy Janmashtami…

Send by Aruna Sharma.

24.08.2019. 10.00am

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Unstable heart-just a thought.. ….

If destiny lends you a kiss,

Is it sure that you will give it back to her?

It is destiny not a girl,

It depends on the destiny whatever

Her nature is not definite about yes or never

You have only a thought

Without any efforts to receive the rainbow

My dear friend!!don’t try to live without any shelter and never brag to bow

Keep your mind cool as the ocean

And keep your high blood pressure as low.

Here every kiss given in a royal type is fake

As you imagine of females in nude post

If she gives a kiss openly on road then you can have

But before taking it, think for just a minute

That is not permanent but temporary for enjoying lust

Thirst of lust is never for heart’s calm but to tease

Only love with simplicity can give your life forever peace

Why are you so much depressed my dear!! Becoming so much like vulnerable treasure

While Aphrodite is your slave and bonded in your cappella’s lure

And send you message of love’s song for your muse

Your secret admirer waits for you but not to lose

Every day and every night whole universe kisses you

But you ignore it and search for a false love

You are sitting on Zenith in the sky’s throne

And have too most depth in verses like your ocean

Oh my innocent friend!! In this world,the bazaar of kisses is not in existence

It is not the issue of any concession rate of finance.

It is fully a matter of love as its words echo in the emotional world

Like the cute pair of doves whose beaks meet each other to create the rhyme of love’s word.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

22.08.2019. 12.25at midnight.

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रेशम की डोरी से बँधी मेरी उम्मीदों की पतंग…..

रेशम कीऔर डोरी से बँधी है मेरी उम्मीदों की पतंग,

आसमान की ऊँचाई को छूने की लिये उमंग,

हर ब़रस जोड़ देती हूँ और धागे लिये कई रंग,

तमन्ना में कि मिले तेरी दरियाद़िली-ओ-रहमतों का पासंग।

ऐ ख़ुदा!!मेरी क़ोशिशों पे मत होना तंग,

आख़िर को तो तेरा बन्दा हूँ लिये द़िल में लौ दिये की,

ज़िलाऐ रक्खा है इक इब़ादत की तरह

आख़िर द़िल ही तो है, नहीं किसी ताज़ का संग।

अपनी पतंग को और भी ऊँचाईयाँ दे रही हूँ,

बाँध के नई डोरी कि मेरी पतंग की डोरी में कई गाँठें पड़ गई हैं,

वो पतंग ग़र तेरे नज़दीक पहुँचे तो खोल कर देखना हर गाँठ को,

किसी की ख़ुशी की दुआ की ख़ातिर इब़ारत छपी है तेरी रहम़त-ए-ग़ौर को,

या रब़ कुबूल फ़रमा मेरी द़ुआ कि तेरा ही बन्दा है वो आख़िर को,

मेरे अश़्क सूख गये बहते बहते सैलाब़ की तरह,

द़िल के आँसू बहते हैं ,डर है ना बन जाये तेज़ाब की तरह।

मेरे म़ासूम जज़्बातों से वाबस्ता ज़िन्दगी को फिर पहली सी ब़हार दे दे,

मेरी इब़ादतों का कुछ तो दे दे स़िला,

मेरी वो सभी द़ुआ-ए-डोरी में बँधी उम्मीदों में भर दे रंग,

चाहे ले ले मेरी जिस्म-औ-जाँ कि नहीं होगा फ़िर तुझसे कोई ग़िला।

Written by Aruna Sharma.

16.08.2019. 11.50pm

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Happy Independence Day Of My INDIA🌺🌺🌺🌻🌻🌻🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🏵🏵🐞🌷🌷🌷

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I salute my beloved country with my with my heart and soul.



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