On your love….

When i define the word of love

When i explore the waves of feelings in ocean of love

Then my breathe smells an awesome fragrance coming with breeze from where-i don’t know.

Who are you for me,an unforgettable tale of jack n rose-i don’t know

What is the reason of this when a lonely star gazes me every night

His shining smiling makes my face as glowing bright

Then my heart feel itself so much happy and lucky

Who sends me messages with love in the indirect way daily

Who is he and who am I for him-i don’t care

Because my love has one colour and that is to dare

Here my all feelings laugh freely from worldly sight like bare

My soul call you every moment in my life because you are rare

But where are you and here am I with longing your supportive arms like my pillow

Wether I know-my imagination of everything belong to you is day dreamings’s rainbow

But this is enough to me to keep me happy as in your verses I am an angel.

If you want to search me then will find me as titanic’s tragic blue diamond like Bermuda triangle.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

31.08.2019. 10.30pm

All copy rights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

Images are taken from Google.

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