No darkness on shrouds of beloved eyes and hearts….

Darkness and you

What a strange thing is being said by you

My dear!!your lovely heart never allows darkness

And all illumination of light will cover your shrouds

Forever ,forever until the existence of world of the word of Amour

In the grave outside a innocent sparrow will keep always a flower for your fragrance

Inside you would hear a songs of longings like Qays ibn-ul-Mullavah

And your love like Laila not to be cry but will call you in memorandum of eternal love with echoing sigh….

All souls are illuminating light with lantern like fireflies

Oh my dear friend!!wherever you will go with your lonlieness

I am your shadow,so will follow you with light of hope in your darkness

In home of grave’s land,there will be words of love,on love’s bed with my fingers in your hair

I will hide you in my lap with shrouds which woven with silky thread

And lie inside of your bed becoming as shining brighten with a tale of mysterious.

Written by Aruna Sharma

23.07.2019. .. 11.57pm

(All copy rights are reserved by Aruna Sharma)

All images are taken by Google.

6 thoughts on “No darkness on shrouds of beloved eyes and hearts….

  1. Aruna, this is very deep. You let the words and emotions flow so smoothly.
    What is samoor? I don’t know this word?
    You write of the darkness and the light. They contrast but they so go well in poetry.


  2. So much thanks ,dear dew!!samoor is an arctic animal having the soft and smooth hair.people prey to them for making most soft coat,muffler and many wearing dress to save from most cold.hope -you will be understand.dew!!

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