The Panorama of my love…

You are seeing, my dear friend,

This is the panorama of my life from beginning till the end

Many centuries have passed

And many dresses have changed

By my life but no change in its nature

Because these are the echoes of love’s murmur

Here my heart knows the soft feeling

and the labyrinth way of silent love

Which had been wandering in starry

nights with a shining star and the

smiling moon

For many centuries and still now

wanders without beloved who

came for a little time and became


How, why and from where my

beloved has to come in my life on my

every rebirth

But lovely memories are left in my

lounge for singing and dancing

smoothly and slow

No tears are here but only a word of the beautiful love and for my life’s glow

No any lingerings and longings

remain but making happy all humans

who are the blessed people of my

super soul

No complain I hear from anybody

after bearing some pain of separation

with my soul

Oh on the face of my love has a beautiful mole

I had taken birth many times in this

beautiful world

And I will come again in this

lovely world by taking birth again

In the shape of long sigh- aah….

But force others to laugh- wow….

My dear friends, you saw and felt too

that so much beautiful is my love’s


On the stage of the universe for you,

me and all, like dancing with many

lovely and painful memories as a


Written by Aruna Sharma.

15.7.2019. 10.46pm

(All copyright are reserved by Aruna Sharma)

Images are taken from Google.

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