An envelope full of kisses….

My soul has sent you an envelope full with most kisses,my dear!!

On your eyes and forehead,it may be healer.

If you believe in power of pure soul,it is proof of believer.

Sometime stream of pains becomes out of control,

Then this stream converts in the flood and drown all into hurricane.

After then,my dear!!you will see a rainbow around of you.

A blessed place will be the part of you

And the flame of heart will enlighten your path.

I have said already by as my heart says.

It is life,my dear!! only to give examination to open every lays.

The result is depended on your positive phrase.

Love dear!! the life because it is your treasure.

May be any accident happens not for sorrow but for a inspiring pressure.

Love is bloomed in this condition not for only one,

But fragrants for all universal garden.

Hey my friendew!!plz accept my envelope and keep that under your pillow,

For your peace,calmness’s blessings of wandering heart,it will be blossomed flor sangrando corezòn and willow.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

26.06.2019 1.59at midnight

All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

Images are taken from Google.

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