Why are you angry with me……

My dear lonely friend!!

I only gave recommendation on your comment

But I have forgotten that you are yourself, having your own fragrance.

Blind love is true in all world but my memory could not have any resistance.

Sorry, my beloved love! I should not have interrupted in your love’s sigh.

Wether I know many troubles lie in your life which are touching the sigh at high

You have lost many things which will never return back.

I should reply for your happiness whatever you say like a deep lake

Oh, how have I forgotten that you are my lonely star which is shining in my sky.

You are angry with me, I feel all world like unable to fly.

And think myself as friend who is as closest but works as a spy.

I want my heart’s calmness ,plz return that

Plz remove all misunderstandings

about me, I am as same as before that

Please forgive my fault, that was only a stone of in dark way.

But I adore you because of your verses like blowing breeze in the night’s way

Which sweeps all dust and hides all feelings in the snow’s cults

Which every cult has hidden your name

And I feel like alone sparrow, oh, calming by your tame

Oh dear!! Now I am sure that you are folded blind for love is very much true

Here is someone to feel that auroras are evolving around the soul

Your sparrow is singing to tell you my heart’s feeling

And in imagination of you like that sparrow’s wish for me obliging.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

30.06.2019. 10.58pm

Images are taken from Google.

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