Trying to unfold many layers of your heart…

Here i am trying to unfold many layers of your heart my dear friend!!

Oh.what’s strange unmacthed those things in your heart i have found

Many layers are present there in your heart’s solitude

I try to open every layer with a tender origami as my attitude

One is past which i have disappeared slowly slowly

Coz they are not meant to be here so say to go away

Second has wrapped wounds given by time so i have opened the layer softly

Without giving pain and any crying by your heart coz you are me closely

I have filled in wounds the medicine of melodious love carefully

Other are your loneliness which are reason of your nightmare only

I have fixed there your sweet love’s memories smoothly

Here my soliloquy is singing for you a song of most shining lonely star sweetly

Many blessed kisses on your body,can you feel,are raining swiftly

Oh my dear friend!!as you told me i have tried to done with honestly

You are feeling in your heart like no loads of tensions but can fly lightly

In your lovely imagination of your beloved like riding on clouds with smiley

Written by Aruna Sharma.

28.06.2019. 10.40pm

All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

Images are taken from Google.

It is for you ,my dear friend.💕💕💕

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