Riding on Pegasus for saving Angels….

Riding on Pegasus,

Given a blessed gift by Bellerophon

To ask about the cursed angels

My soul is going to the Almighty of the universe

For asking their faults

And why they all are fallen over cruel land

About them my friend told when

yesterday and tonight it rained.

When reached there and questioned

to HIM

HE smiled and told me all truth that

those droplets are not their tears

but simply just rain

And advised me to go to many false gods at Mount of Olympia

Where Chimera was sitting among the

gods- a symbol of fire to vanish all with envious.

Oh, I have known now – there is no fault of Angels-the love’s glorious.

They are dearest messenger of God of

love, beauty,loyality and look after His

universe and its pure souls.

Those were only droplets of rains like

a seer of this beautiful earth without fouls.

My friend is really destressed who were

Eager to bear the soaked cross coz

of false faith.

Oh my innocent friend, that rain was for your inspiration as saith.

You know angels are necessary for us as tranquil.

they guide us in the darkness with

amazing fireflies lantern.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

1.00pm. 17.06.2019

All copyrights are reserved by Aruna Sharma.

Images are taken from Google.