What is love and whom to love?

When I saw myself in the mirror,

I felt love for myself.

Did you see yourselves in your mirror,

There is not only you but the whole world inside your own behalf.

My dear!! If you will not love yourselves,

Then everything will seem to you, ugly n ridiculous.

They are unknown whenever whomever is loved by you,

Here, it is not meant of difference between known and unknown as flew.

Because life is short for living with love and it’s imagination,

Then where is the place of the ridiculous on this station.

Oh dear,walk with me and I will show you the barren site,

There, if you may want but not plant the flowers and only to slit.

Please recognise the reality that hatred has no place in this world,

It is only a wanderer world to disappear into curd.

More butter you will get and forget the word of ridiculous.

See after then so much smoothness on your face glowing like a saint’s calmness.

Please, love yourself after then all lovely things will appear in your life automatically.

You have many treasures inside your heart,get them if all doors are opened magically.

Written by Aruna Sharma.

12.58 at midnight 26.01.2019

All copyrights are reserved by aruna sharma.

All images are taken from Google.

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