I love my ruins….

I love my all ruins, for

My love’s image is like those ruins.

Those are all symbolized fully loneliness;

And love is like everything as solitude.

Love has to be alone at last

Even though you agree or not,

It is not a slave for any gratitude.

Do you like it or not, I am carefree.

These ruins are always ready to save the feeling of love,

For many centuries it has been taking care of my soul of love like it’s own responsibility,

All rooms are echoed by my soul’s songs,

Like wearing new dresses as rustle of clothing.

Do you accept it or not, those ruins laugh on you without bothering.

Sssh, listen with attention something is said by those ruins in haunting way;

But my soul of love is happy because of it ,

The ruined takes care to see ruins in horrifying way.

These ruins screech often at midnight like tearing and thirsty soul;

Because these efforts are for removing away to all screamed destroyer of my love’s soul.

They know better than others that who once aparted from special one is cursed to be live like LOL.

May be, all are laughed or drowned in ponds of tears,

Ruins are forever best supporter of my love for all to be screamers.

Oh my ruins, my soul is residing into you, love you more and more,

You are becoming symbol for all wandering n tired Amore .

All photos are taken by my own Camera.

22.12.2018 after midnight.

6 thoughts on “I love my ruins….

  1. बिल्कुल सही फरमाया आपने।मेरे स्कूल के पास ही हैं छह हवेलियाँ पर वीरान सी।शुक्रिया आपका।


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