Plz,don’t disturb me….

I have left all wrangle things of this world.

Now my lips whisper only the name of my beloved Krishna.

Now I am busy in dancing with my Alena.

He is connecting fully with my soul and I am with my supersoul.

Now I am intoxicated by his flute’s tune;

I was only a black sky and he became the shining moon’s mune.*

Oh don’t call me, I am beyond everybody reach.

And busy to see a loyal n royal dream in his lovely ocean beach.

He met me at the bank of Yamuna river before many centuries.

I was flowing with him as Ganga river and melted with him at bay of Universe.

Written by aruna sharma.

21.10.2018. . 11.09pm

All copyright are reserved by aruna sharma.

All images are taken from Google.

*mune=heart,feelings,beloved in Japanese language.

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