Your happiness is a pleasure for me…

You are most shining star in my sky;

With blessed feathered wings.

Here my heart is very happy

To see all these things.

Whole universe seems like your poetry,

And wind is taking you towards your love.

As my routine- I imagined about your flattering mood like dove.

I say to all cute birds for fluttering because you may gather all feathers.

And I wish to see you in happy mood always in all season’s features.

Plz listen with attention- the moon is saying to you some lovely words,

And breeze is whispering for blooming your heart’s buds.

Written by aruna sharma.22.08.2018


(I am sending to you only )

4 thoughts on “Your happiness is a pleasure for me…

  1. हाँ,मैंने चाँदनी रात की शीतल माहौल मे लिखी थी कल।चाँद और तारें मुझे बहुत पसंद हैं ।बहुत आभार आपका ।आज का दिन आपके नाम……☺


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