When day n night meet…

The day walks down slowly from the mountain,

Then, hear with attention- a song of love sung by fountain.

When day comes down to earth making a pond,

That is his promise for begining the eternity of love’s bond.

Form pond, the river flow ahead with speed and after that, running is slow,

That is a sign of youth n after that feelings of love as it’s singing show.

It takes the message of love given by day to night,

The river is going in hope of meeting carefully love with oceanahead, right.

The day converts itself into dusk as eager to meet the night,

Then evening seems as flowing river with waves of love as bright.

After all that ,the day n night embrace each other and flow together for some time,

Then, at last, they both fall down in ocean of eternal love at the right time.

The story of love is flowing, singing, waiting n melting into each other,

Oh, how much the sweet tale of love is for living and of anybody- they never bother.

Nobody can make a obstacle n be unable to stop their meeting and walking carelessly,

It is the true theory of gifted heart, which lives forever in an intoxicated mood continuously.

Written by aruna sharma.

19.07.2018. 12.58 (midnight)

All copy rights are reserved by aruna sharma.

(Images are taken from Google)


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