Ocean laughs or tears…

Yeah, ocean has heart; when it smiles,

Then a rainbow on sky, laughs.

Sometimes, it has a feeling of sorrow,

Then it’s heart is burnt n convert in smokes.

All smoke goes in the sky n that makes clouds.

Like a human’s heart and force to tearing bounds.

Cloulds thunder n lightinig are like a sad heart,

At last, those rains seem- every drop of rain is like tears falling down on earth.

After that they become calm, every drop has its worth.

See the sky- most beautiful rainbow are beautifiying the whole universe.

Indeed, tears are necessary in heart to create a beautiful verses.

Whenever that flows from the lovely eyes,

Then Afrodite blessed them and make d heart so light like sighs.

These sighs are reason of most beautiful poems like Keats,

After tearing, all lighted hearts seem like rainbow at horizon as versing fleets.

Let plz, heart for tearing to purify the soul.

And to do all climate for beautify as it’s nature whole .

Written by aruna sharma.

12.07.2018. 9.11am

(All copyright is reserverd by aruna sharma.)


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