Can you stop just a minute for me….

You called your devotion as fake;

Could you stop just a minute for me, I have not too seriously it take.

No, never, coz moments are like flowing river for it as trashy;

And with passing time ,all pictures have become rubbishy.

Sweet dreams are like paper boats;

Have to drown in fast flowing torrents.

Moments are too just like drifts to human life;

Nobody knows-which moment may be as throat’s knife.

All experiences tell always the truth of realities;

Love converts into haterd often by somebodies.

Atlast love is left alone as unknown;

But I feel that love is never alone.

Because it is immortal and blissful by nature;

No conversation about physical lovewhich is like the boat of paper.

Pure love is like flowing river as transparent forever.

As a mirror of universe, feel for a moment, it is an unforgettable pleasure;

All beauties live together with it like having big heart as treasure.

Loneliness is not meant here ,that is worthless idler;

When love is shown in starry night, shining day and everywhere.

Open your eyes and see the happieness of love in this world;

With love, one can be happy n’ alone like a song forever which is heard.

Forever as intoxicating in love ,dear!!

Everything is intoxicated here,plz don’t care.

Written by aruna sharma.

26.08.2018. 1.46am

All copyright is reserverd by aruna sharma.

9 thoughts on “Can you stop just a minute for me….

  1. “All experiences tell always the truth of realities;” I loved that line. This is an amazing poem!


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