Vo kisi ka aana-o-jaana

Har zindgi ki haqikat he, meri jaan;

Vo kisi ka aanaa-o-janaa hoke meharbaan.

Ye gunaah na kar tu ,aye nadaan dil;

Aksar khwaabon ke pul toot jaate hein.

Mohabbat gunaah nahi,par he patang si naazuk;

Khwaabon ke aasmaan me dhaage hi toot jaate hein.

Nikaah kar le gamo se jo tu,phir dekh uska asar;

Log bahut aayenge ban mehman,par jana unka rahega be-asar.

Khoobsoorat raat ki tanhaayion me sitaare raah bataayenge;

Insaan to khud bhatka-latka sa he,ye kya mohabbat-e-qaynaat sang rah paayenge.

Ye khuda ki amaanat he-meri nazneen rooh!!

Tanhaayiaan bhi yahaan gungunayegi,meri lala rukh.!!

Dekh jara dil ke aaine me tu aur pachaan le apne paraaye;

Vahin ek kone se ek sadaa aayegi banke duaon ke sarmaaye.

Pahle odh le un sarmaayon ka aanchal;

Phir nikal tafreeh ki khatir hirni si chanchal.

Written by aruna sharma.

29.03.2018. 10.30am.

All copy right is reserved by aruna sharma.

Images are taken from google.

Dear Danita!!

Where i could search you;

Are you a human or any dream .

One day you have come to me,

To motivate n console my broken heart;

After curing my wounds,suddenly you desappeard.

I want to know-who are you my dear!!for correction of my life’s car gèer.

Send by aruna sharma.27.03.2018

9.00 pm

A letter to Danita!!

My dear friend!! I don’t know any more about you.but know a true thing of you.whoever you are as like my own soul has slept after getting your lovely words after a long terrible time.i have felt in night here that your soul is speaking with you like raindrops on the desert-i felt n wanted to hear those lovely words.

I am very very much thankful for you.but sad too no having any introduction my new friend who is unknown for me.after many times thinking-my soul is satisfied after talking your soul.souls are immortal,dear!!and my beliefs are true that souls can never tell a lie.

With heartly thanks to you at my soft corner of my spritual love which are for me a wonderful gift given by God.

From aruna sharma.

26.03.2018. 8.14am.