Coming and leaving of someone- It is natural…

Every life has reality,my sweetheart!!

Coming and leaving is natural ,not to hurt.

They all come as guests merely for entertain;

Don’t think about their existence after they are gone.

Oh ,love for them,my darling!!it would be only a fraud;

But love for all humans is love for God.

In dis world,love is not a big fault for human guys;

But it is so much soft like kite flying in sky.

Uff!! In sky of dreams,it is true that it is a fake fidelity;

Love is for the broken strings of kite ,it is a bitter reality.

If you have to marry with sorrow;then see effects and then realize;

May all new faces be with mask come to you but could not demoralise.

The whole universe will be with you with shining smiley-ness;

In beautiful lonely nights, all stars will sing for you as twinkly-ness.

Humans are all as wrangling in webs and tangle with weeds;

And call you coz your heart is like having love seeds.

Only you have all beauty of your belongings as Shahrukh!!

Because, in your loneliness, all words sing, Oh my Lalarukh!!

Please, look in your heart,there will be indeed your closest foes;

Left them behind forever and hear d voice of blessing’s shower;

Before this,you have to wear a scarf on your head with flower;

After then, wow, like a fearless soul can wander as playful doe.

Written by aruna sharma as translation her own hindi/urdu poem (nazm)

31.03.2018. 10.23pm.

(*Lalarukh means= A loveable girl with rosey cheeks and the cutest smile,causes happiness wherever she goes,hence loved by all.

*Shahrukh means= A cute person looking like a prince or king of an empire)


Dedicated to danita


6 thoughts on “Coming and leaving of someone- It is natural…

  1. Thank you, Aruna, for posting this in English. These are beautiful words. I’m touched by your dedication.


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