Life is like a train…

That is not howl,my heart!!

Only a voice of bewaring to avoid;

That train is coming to take you at ur site; n trying to avoid u become a paranoid.

Life is like a train;

Two strangers are travelling from three years.

But still now they are one stranger’s pair.

Perhaps they do conversion;

But having different destination.

Sometimes one is desappeared;

Made other so much depressed.

Why they feel as they lost something;

Only a hint through eyes is everything.?

What is dis relation;

N what is its definition?

Let anyone tell me; 

N define dis theory to me.

My heart says- nobody is closest one;

But stranger named is special one.

Without selfless but silenty sharing;

Each other’s distrubance n consoling.

This is more for living life alone with silence;

A vulnerable gift for safe true love in heart with patience.

This is, yeah, a red n green signal of train;

To be remain as we wish in our brain.

Written by aruna sharma.

27.1.2018.                       11.42pm

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