The crying moon….

The moon is crying;

Because of sattelites are giving,

To her aimless wounding.

Humans have become without nonsense-minding,

Never think -what is happening,

With their own earth as worst thing .

They are so much stupid as dugging,

A grave for to die for their own living.

See you,after sometimes,my darling!!

The moon will be forever as smiling,

Because it is blessed never ending.

God has made it as mirror of loving.

If planet vanished;all love’s blessing,

Are for only dear moon for caring.

All souls at midnight is for you seeing,

All beloved are for it’s as healing,

Because moon is for them singing,

And for all emotions as beautifying.

All universe will be forever for remainig.

Every day at dawn sun is for rising,

So my dear moon!!plz,you are for shining, 

Please smile,you are not for crying.

As diamond of love as dove’s flying,

At Zenith of sky as evergreen,everlasting.

Written by aruna sharma.all copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.

10.08.2017.            11.45pm


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