One flower of jasmine…

By smelling fragrance only one flower of jasmine;

Has taught me a lesson forever to my life’line

In my porche;one flower of jasmine;
Says with smiling for alls n too mine.

Tonight suddenly,d flavour of fragrance;

Smelling by nose,it has made fragrant my exictence.

Why r u not feeling,dear!!as being absolutely alone;

See dt jasmine is too alone,symbol of nature unknown.

Hear its inspiring voice;smile like it again n again;

Because,by d universal rules,here is not any bargain.

If u will smile then ur heart will smiles enough;

Nobody is not tenshion free,making d mind to laugh.

Oh dear jasmine is rescuer of your all dreams;

Ur wails and moans have no meaning but are just screams.

Oh dearest one of my life!!jasmine calls you as ur beloved.

By seeing into ur eyes and blinking as a craziest mad.

When u laugh,all universe will laugh as mazical rod;

Garden of your heart,dear,will blossom from a cute pod.

Its fragrances will blowing with wind all surroundigs;

As in rainy days,fall down on ur hopes by being Blessings.

Written by aruna sharma.

12.07.2017.             8.49pm

Ek Mogra Mahkata he…

Ek mogra mahkata he;

Khooushbu har sun failaata he.

Tu bhi akela he na;to kaahe ka dar;

Tera bhi vuzood he kyonkar bahkta he.

Pori bagiya me ek mogre ki khushboo;

Uski pahchaan he ban gayi.

Kyo duniya ke faaltoo jhmelon me;

Teri husti dab gayi.

Sun meri jaan!!ek chaand kafi he;

Roshan-e-shab ki khatir.

Haan sun!ek aftaab hi kafi he;

Uzale se din ki khatir.

Phir ek bande ki muskaan ;

Kya kisi gulistaan se kam he.

Kya ek dil me pyaar ki dhadkan;

Raqsnuma paritaan se kam he.

Aye tanha dil,kis baat se preshaan tu?

Tanhaayia bhi gaati hein,phir kyun pshemaan tu?

Vo mogra bhi to kahta he ki me bhi tanha;

Kis baat se preshaan tu?

Yunhi tanha tanha dil judte he,gar chaho to;

Me tera,tu mera mehmaan he,gar mano to.

Written by aruna sharma.

01.11at midnight


To joe!!

Who are you dear?today you have joined my blog and i want to read your posts bt your blog is empty or deleted by you.why?dear!!plz reply.i prepare to say welcome to every bloggers always because they are my world.please,write something;and i am in your waiting……….๐Ÿ’–

From aruna sharma-07.07.2017


Love’s dream on fire

I am between in fire’s ring;

Can not cry because of frightening.

I don’t fear from dying;

Because dis physical shape is for ending.

But what do i try to save my dreams of love;

It can not fly without any wings of dove.

My soul is sobbing n drowned in tears with anxiety;

What will happen with my love’s dream having clours’s veritey.

All colours r disappearing in dis flame-by ignite of unknown.

From where n whom i call to save all dreams as prone.

Hey dream rescuer!! now i remember you;

If you can,please blow out all fire by you.

To save d vanishig dreams ,dear,as worship of Almighty;

I don’t know-who are u bt know ur ability of your songs mazically.

Dis is truth ,my friend mia!!

Or dis is mere my nostalgia..*

Written by aruna sharma.

06.07.2017.                         1.26at midnight.

Climb step by step the stairs…

This is no big problem;

Lift your one foot and that after other.

Climb one step after that to try another.

Please,don’t be depress and by encouragement;

Go ahaed and climb the stairs again and again as confident.

U are on earth now bt still when,

This is worst and up above your’s soul’s heaven.

Your soul wants the peace,

That is lived in the heart’s heaven.

Hear with attention,my dear!!

Here,the miracles happen.

As still dis time you have felt;

Old vanishing ,then some new begin.

Eventhough you are feeling 

frustration and weakness,

A brightest future, u want and do to try leaving all fearness.

Because your flower of love n lake of nectar are beyond the stairs;

Come on and climb the stairs step by step,oh my dearest of dears!!

Written by aruna sharma.

05.07.2017.    ..       1.30pm