One flower of jasmine…

By smelling fragrance only one flower of jasmine;

Has taught me a lesson forever to my life’line

In my porche;one flower of jasmine;
Says with smiling for alls n too mine.

Tonight suddenly,d flavour of fragrance;

Smelling by nose,it has made fragrant my exictence.

Why r u not feeling,dear!!as being absolutely alone;

See dt jasmine is too alone,symbol of nature unknown.

Hear its inspiring voice;smile like it again n again;

Because,by d universal rules,here is not any bargain.

If u will smile then ur heart will smiles enough;

Nobody is not tenshion free,making d mind to laugh.

Oh dear jasmine is rescuer of your all dreams;

Ur wails and moans have no meaning but are just screams.

Oh dearest one of my life!!jasmine calls you as ur beloved.

By seeing into ur eyes and blinking as a craziest mad.

When u laugh,all universe will laugh as mazical rod;

Garden of your heart,dear,will blossom from a cute pod.

Its fragrances will blowing with wind all surroundigs;

As in rainy days,fall down on ur hopes by being Blessings.

Written by aruna sharma.

12.07.2017.             8.49pm


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