Love’s dream on fire

I am between in fire’s ring;

Can not cry because of frightening.

I don’t fear from dying;

Because dis physical shape is for ending.

But what do i try to save my dreams of love;

It can not fly without any wings of dove.

My soul is sobbing n drowned in tears with anxiety;

What will happen with my love’s dream having clours’s veritey.

All colours r disappearing in dis flame-by ignite of unknown.

From where n whom i call to save all dreams as prone.

Hey dream rescuer!! now i remember you;

If you can,please blow out all fire by you.

To save d vanishig dreams ,dear,as worship of Almighty;

I don’t know-who are u bt know ur ability of your songs mazically.

Dis is truth ,my friend mia!!

Or dis is mere my nostalgia..*

Written by aruna sharma.

06.07.2017.                         1.26at midnight.


9 thoughts on “Love’s dream on fire

  1. Dearest Aruna, this is written with such beautifully intense imagery. I hope the Dream Rescuer is able to extinguish the flames for you. I adore the ending with the idea of nostalgia being introduced. Please have a wonderful Tuesday. ~ Mia 🙂


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