Empty hand-nobody can do at ending time. ..

I m shattering in pieces as in little choped paper;

I m burning like a candle with alone as in a cave’s atmosphere;

I m slipping down as sand in fisted over;

My beloved soul is melting every momet in hour;

D ending time,my coffins,people prepare;

N my innocet life says -no,oh,never;

My all wishes’s bed as decorated fragrance flower;

I am preparing to restful sleep as my own wish in yarder;

Who is situated at horizon’s clowdy boarder;

Just like dis,my all love’s feelings going as soul wander;

In those foggy moments r coming to me as closer;

There r,i feel,presented my soul’s speaker;

N my voice is echoing there all over;

Yeah.dis is my place of my soul as searcher;

Here is dt definite place,i m believer;

May be Sun shut d window ever;

May be Moon locks d door of river port,pier;

I have nothing for world,don’t care;

All feelings of heart is like treasure;

So,i am confident coz i m supersoul’s nearer;

N my two empty hands may be not as


Bt by love;happy n able to be near my beloved  Superior.

written by aruna sharma.

28.06.2017.            11.45 pm

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