One inoccent question

my baby in depression,asked

Her surroundins”-o my dearest!!

Why were thou replying of my question as unaswerd;

I am in cave of my lovely heart and waiting d echoes of my flying words.

I was saying-i love u,but you did not give attention.”

She was sitting in a heart’s cave for a long time as just still image;

And think about miracles happning’s or not this stage.

I saw my baby nightingale as sitting silent n losing in her thought;

Then i have brought her in real world;

And show her all stars,sky,sun,moon and coulorful flowers’s bucket.

Told her that no one replied you,don’t worry,

All universal things are echoing your voice.

World is frailty and having worst noise.

Plz ,be happy on dancing the universe on your saying verses.

Oh ,thanks to universe to give relaxation.

Because of that removes  her depression.

Is my answer right or this is false


I don’t konw because my soul says alright about my explanation.

Written by aruna sharma.

10.55pm.                 24.06.20


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