In my imazination,u come still now…

Whenever i see my past,

U come back to me still now.

Your smilings on your lips,

And gazing a pair of ur eyes as love’s cults in snow.

The reason of your love’s bowing was my heart’s innocence;

Who thought often-the feelings was like flying kite .

After most time had passed when;

Those feelings was become as to bite.

That was fault of situation,i did not know;

By shake of your love,i have survived still now.

Because your love is melted in my rainbow.

My all efforts to save your feeling of love;

I have become a priest of humanity’s love.

May be i could not get you but say thank you;

A target of happy living,i have gotten by you. 

You are,oh,excellence of faith,dear;

And my lovely heart is bowed towards you. 

Now i have become a warrior to save all hearts with full of love;

And i have changed myself for saving the dove.

All universe is seem as a love story;

Alone but having the feelings of you ,father of glory.

I wander here and there as just a thirsty soul; 

But feel you are with me as heavenly soul.

I walk on my path of life whenever;

You are become my shadow forever.

You are my immortal love’s mosque;

Where i hope always from you to my dream’s rescue.

Written by aruna sharma.

22.06.2017.             1.45at midnight.


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