O !! a fire in your soul..

Hey!! D fire in ur soul; 
Why do you not accept d reply?

In dis fire,will you want,

To convert into ashes your butterfly?

For you,no meaning is lovely dream’s sky.

No wanting any comment,are you a damon’s spy.

Know dear!! every soul has a silent volcano;

It is not good for heart full of love to be enno.

All beloveds dance at top of eagerness’s mountain;

By siping d nectar of heaven who is fallen down to heart’s cup contain.

Dusk and dawn are the slaves of those ,breathing in love’s breeze;

But anyone disturb them,or they suddenly feel as the geeze.

After then,awake the volcano in the heart;

And all can see d dance of those souls having fire to hurt.

written by aruna sharma.

17.06.2017.           12.30at midnight

(I think-no need to fire in soul without any reason)


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