.beyond d horizon-two souls meet….

That boat is like pyramid of beloved;

Who is sailing towards d horizon’s world.

Not towards to Ezypt who is belonged cruel ruler;

Who made mummies for thier soul for rescuer.

Many more treasures n living things were kept in their grave’s palace;

But in which peace;still now wander their souls as fake solace.

Hey dream rescuer!!please bless me n my love’s dream as wanderd;

Let them to get their target ,at beyond of horizon,is presented.

D pale light of dusk is symbol of sefishless love’s world,

I want to reach toward sunset who is d love’s crown as gold.

Written by aruna sharma.

16.06.2017.         12.31 at midnight
(A tribution to zoolon n mia)


8 thoughts on “.beyond d horizon-two souls meet….

  1. Dear Aruna, such a lovely tribute. Your image and the final line hold hands so beautifully together. You work contains so many rich images, and a wonderful message. Thank you. Please enjoy your weekend my friend. ~ Mia 🙂


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