Lips as locked

Lips as locked;

As a criminal is caught.

All feelings are banned;

As telling is a fault.

My emotions of love;

Want d wings to fly.

But no conditions are,

Given permission to cry.

Is love a crime;

Look my heart-is this not pure.

‘Sympathy ‘word is insane;

Exictence of humanity is unsure.

Silence as unwanted n painful.

Oh a fire in my heart,see,

A way of working as rebel.

One day ,when bearness will be,

Out of all control,who will do what.

My soul has so much power;

It can be forth ghart.

Melting all ironed chains, 

Can go far away from false blames.

Open blue sky of my imazinations;

Roaring waves of my ocean of emotions;

It is sure-nobody dare to stop me;

Because i believe in power of super soul;

My innocenct soul is part of Him-i faith on my plea. 

They are d person of satin n will die one day;

Opening my liplocked,look,i will be free one day.

Then i will sing n dance again-i hope;

As cinderella was become prince’s beauty of love.

Like her i will wander in my gulmarg* as loving dove.

Written by aruna sharma.

14.06.2017.         12.48at midnight

(*gulmarg is a beautoful hill station in Kashmir,India)


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