My love’s world

All images of nectar are for mine;
my friends can share dt holy wine.

uff!!i have far from wranglings all d world.

because that don’t live with silence;

nor wants others’ silence.

Dis type person only can get a fire goblet;

And is for sharing atomic droplet.

My holy love often curses them,

For they are only to whelm.

Thier ancestor n they own are only overwhelming;

For soft petals of rose at its day of blossoming. 

Never dt rose r to shatter,

Never verses to flatter,

Oh my Goddess Aphrodite !!

U r only to save us from dt poisonous bite.

I know dis fact dt nerverthless;

War between holy love n its enemy bt worthless.

D word of win is in d luck of love;

And  d defeat is only for enemies who r only d zero gove.

written by aruna sharma.

04.06.2017.              8.49 am.


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