TO THE LONELY AUTHOR (for his marrige anniversary) –its Difficult To See Eye To Eye 

Yeah.dear dew!! It is difficult to see eye to eye.

but it is truth dt heart has eyes who know every coz of cry.

Now today plz accept my good wishes for ur HAPPY MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY.

I can never forget my unknown chimp badassary.

Once opon a time ,when i was sitting at my small city’s railway station,

Then i had recieved ur comment first time;

Dt was my bad luck because i had understood u as a swine.

Dt time,i do’nt know-what was to happen in future;

Actually,u was not wrong n me,all was happened by human nature.

Only u was in my blogvill for me as inspiration;

As lungs of heart need to live d respiration.

Most most thanks to u dear dew!!

I have inspired by ur verse few.


30.5.2017.                  1.40 at midnight

Written by aruna to the lonely author.🌷🌹🌺🌻🍁


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