O my heart!!Laugh with tears..

O my heart!!laugh with tears;

It is life without fears.

If u may know d reality;

Dis is mere condition of fraility.

Ur eye’s tear are d diamond;

Or d drops of heaven’s nectar pond.

Plz !don’t let them fall down;

N hide them in ur laps.

Those r d book of ur heart’s pain

By which u r bound  to God’s chain.

All holy books seem in ur eyes;

N tears is all those’s replies.

I have heard by waves as flowing;

Far away at one place,two shores r meeting.

Nobody can stay apart bcoz east n west meet forever;

Because d earth’s face is round forever n ever.

D mirror of life tells her d truth;

After refomation;d holy book has dt ruth.

Written by aruna sharma.

07.05.2017.  …       11.48am



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