O my reliable…

Mere Humnafas, Mere Humnawa,
Mujhe Dost Ban Ke Daga Na De
Main Hoon Dard-e-Ishq Se Jaan-Valab,
Mujhe Zindagi Ki Dua Na De

Oh my acquaintance! My reliable! Don’t betray me by being my True Friend………..
I wish to die with the pain of my unfulfilled LOVE so don’t pray for my long life………….

Mujhe Ae Chhorh De Mere Haal Par,
Tera Kya Bharosa Hai Chaaragar
Yeh Teri Nawazish-e-Mukhtasar,
Mera Dard Aur Badha Na De

Leave me the way I am, as I don’t TRUST you any more oh my Trustworthy Friend……….
The consequence of your inadequate CARE has actually increased my agony even MORE………….

Mera Azm Itna Buland Hai
Ke Paraaye Sholo-n Ka Darr Nahin
Mujhe Khauf Aatish-e-Gul Se Hai,
Yeh Kahin Chaman Ko Jala Na De

My Confidence is so high and Blessed that I am not scared of any unknown FLAME……..
However I fear from the inflammable blossom which might burn my Eden………..

By shakeel badayuni


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