Hola!!aye misterious friend-dew !!!

My dear brilliant n lovely blogger -SHAMIM SHOBHANI has nominated me for MYSTERY AWARD  n authorized me to give dis award to my favourite one .I am so much thankfull to her n feeling d proud as flying d bird in sky at d time of dawn.O,my north pole!! I m so much little to reach near u.now i m singing n dancing in dis starfull night n a lonely star is shining very very  much.it is symbol of a blogger-the lonely author …..who is lost after giving me a sign  of d smiling life.i miss him very much.is he a mystery of blogvilla ?his soul whispers still now in my ears”how are you my friend.”his all posts are dancing still now around me.dt mysterious guy

-why can say me bye.

I know dt he is disturbed from eye’s problem ,

N i m as in his asylum.

Even though,he may come back or not but i feel obliged me by his kind wordings,posts n supporting me always.so i am nominating him for “MYSTERY AWARDS”.If he can give answer my below questions♡¿

1.what is he doing now in hospital without any imaginations?

2.why is he reminding me about his existence?dear Allie,plz ďo’nt mind.

3.is his naughty chimp silent still now?

4.what is dt miracle who bounds anyone?

5.will u come back on ur site or not?

6.who is dt thing of inspiration for u?

7.which books,u like most?

8.have u met any strange guy or gotten mysterious thing in ur lonely way?

9.have u felt any spritual thing as touching u.?

10.has u met any stranger like ghost?

Plz give all answers of my questions.if u not then i will sing in horrible way-“kahin deep jale,kahin dil;jaraa dekh le aake parwaane…dushman he yahaan lakhon jaan ke,jara milna nazar pahchaan ke;kayi roop bhi he qaatil;kahin deep jale ,kahin dil….Oooooooooo😱

Congratulation to u,my dear friend!!

Aruna sharma.15.04.2017

12.46 at midnight.


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