I had prepared a beautiful portrait but…..

Whenever i had made a beautiful portrait with love;

Who is that unkown for to force flying my imaginative dove?

Is that time a criminal or no copratiom of. my bad luck;

In ocean of my imazination;why r for drowning my duck.

An inkpot full of black ink is always chasing me;

But i am now alert from my painting’s enemy.

By luck or by chance, i have to face some  damage;

I have courage to face all of them who take revenge.

If many time my lovely portrait may be demolished by someone;

I can’t be calm and try to paint my lovely portrait or any one.

Because i have the power of Afrodite’s blessings;

Godess Venus too play always with my heart’s strings.

Then why am i so much in depression n frightened;

When all universal things are singing with me giving soul’s endowment.

O my dear heart!don’t be depress coz i am to come for begining;

To give u a new shape in better way to sparkel as star n smiling.

Don’t worry dt if time take a turn back for vanishing you;

I am with u my dear!always ,as soul to soul forever you.

As dawn is with sun n dusk with  cool moon:

You are my dear, only to glow for soon.

Written by aruna sharma.

12.25at night.        13.04.2017.


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