You are so much beautiful…..

You r so much beautiful;

As d garden is beautified by butterflies.

Only flowers have no values;

They r blossomed by its wonderful flies.

Ur smiling way of living has many lessons;

Ur imagination awakes in heart more passions.
I am remebering that day;

When u have come in my lap.

I realized,then., d universe was;

Wandering around me as pape.

Have u brought some message from my beloved GOD

I thoght dt time to see d dimple on ur cheeks like POD.

Many oceans were singing cheerful songs in ur eyes;

Sky with many dazzling stars was come down to get ur rays .

I am wishing u now my butterfly; 

To take many happy births for me to fairy’s fly.

I wish u -u may smile n dance forever as ur birth right;

Kick d ass in shape of wranglings,dt is ur right.

Although i am not near you my charmingly darling;

But here is no importance of distance in ur existence’s enchanting.

Wherever u go as u will from atlantic to pacific;

But pour moi,mess enfant sont speciaux…

Written by aruna for a cute babe.




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