Rose asks its buds

My rose is,see,hearing n in tenshion;

Why is that cute rose worried in dt mention?

One rose n other rose r in conversation;

Who will care my babe buds after my seperation?

Suddenly,those roses are startling;

When little babe as buds are smiling;

She say when-why are you so much worring about me.

All roses are blossemes to cheer up for others every day;

I am too one in among them to smile in dt way.

This continuing is forever in this universe;

And my existance is too like you as immortal verse.

For inspiring to sing,blossom,and write the poems of love;

For giving the fragrance to whole world as flying dove.

Now the blossomed roses are tenshionfree;

That little babe buds have shown them the way of living as cree;

Because new generations are very aware like full grown tree.

So not to be need to worry n smile forever;

Oh dear friends !! Just go with it ever and ever.



Written by aruna sharma.

24.3.2017.     8.10am.


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