Creater!!do you have a strange pen..

Posseer of all world!!

Are you mad or have become made by your pupilnom.

Here i am caring my rose’s love as my love kingdom.

In your pen ,merely ink of white or black,

By which you penned d each page of human luck.

Who want to be rosey smile,you force to tears;

Who want to go away daffectionely,force to come near.

Are we all are as kites in your sky,for your enetrainment?

We are not your puppets bt surely,as fearlessness knight.

 I do’nt care -whoever you are or not.

I can feel,love and see to all colours 

So,i am as not-me-forgot.

May be life is as prison of pains ,

Glad dt all feelings are in my veins.

You have not seen night and day;

I am lucky to see all dreaming way.

Oh potter!!you can make only pots in different shapes.

And i can to do alls and enjoy love with,by you,my heart’s rapes.

As dawn n dusk,days and night,all colours are in my love and life.

You can not see that all sitting in your paradize.

I am luckiest;having rainfall with tearing smile in my solodize.

My fighting and envy with you will continue with competitions;

You are responsible to give worst result of my holy devotions.

This war is between you and me,why ,you know;

I have to fight all complexity’cause unknowing to bow.
Written by aruna sharma.          10.2.2017


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