No one ever gets d entire universe….

Kabhii kisii ko mukammal jahaa.N nahii.n milataa
kahii.n zamiin to kahii.n aasamaan nahii.n milataa*

No one ever gets the entire universe
Somewhere the earth and somewhere the sky is missing*

jise bhii dekhiye vo apane aap me.n gum hai
jubaa.N milii hai magar hamajubaa.N nahii.n milataa*

Whoever you see is lost in their own sorrow
They have thoughts to share but no companion to listen*

bujhaa sakaa hai bhalaa kaun vaqt ke shole
ye aisii aag hai jisame dhuaa.N nahii.n milataa*

Who is able to douse the embers of time
This is a fire that has no smoke*

tere jahaa.N me.n aisaa nahii.n ki pyaar na ho
jahaa.N ummiid ho isakii vahaa.N nahii.n milataa*

It’s not like there’s no love in your life (universe)
Where you hope for it you won’t find it there*

~~Nida Fazli


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