My heart says-plz never depress….

Whenever smiling,ha ha ha;

Whenever tearing,tup tup aah,

What’s summary of d life,yeah.

Some time hotest sunny day;

Some time a cool shaded way.

Sometime a event suddenly happened;

To examine naturally us,please understand. 

Oh my lovely part of soul!!why u r in depression;

Our Security guard is always with us for confession.

Open ur door of heart,dear!

Let d breeze come under its room;

Why r so dpression, dispoinment, tension ?

Left these all as zoom.

Come near,o my beloved!!

My love is most strength to fade,

All darkness surrounded in life’s book;

And be able to realize you that is only fraud.

Life has short time for love,eventhough it may be for long ages.

Before n after of end,you n me will smile forever throwing all dark pages.

Every cult of time has hidden unknown curves;

As in depth of ocean hides many dangerous waves.

But believe me n faith on my love;

How much pearls r hidden in it every deep curls.

And every cults of snow after falls;

Singing ,from long times to sill nowmany song as freezer pearls.    

 Loyalty and love live always together;

They can never separate from each other.

Your love is mine,so my life is as shine;

Please,believe on my devotion,

It can sacrifice my life for your all moment as full sunshine.
Written by aruna sharma.published on blog at 02.02.2017 ..      11.35pm


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