hey Roger Moor Sir!! Dis is ur answer

I am still young

The air is fragrant
The blooming flowers are lustrous
A thousand chants fill the air
As spring is in full bloom
O beloved, where are you going?
Come back, come here
What are you looking for?
Lift the pitcher, pour in the glass
Give it to me
Look at the garden and
Enjoy the atmosphere without hesitation
Aa aa, swaying dark clouds clearing from the horizon
Like inebriated crowd walking towards tavern
Your surmise is the bad surmise
Don’t think I am naive
There is no thought of abstinence
I am still young.

There is talk about prayers
There is worry about salvation
There is passion about rewards for good work
There is concerned about tormentation
But listen O learned man
You are a strange creature
Can adolescence love and passion stand apart?
When maiden scatters her splendours
When there is more of sensuous glance
When breeze spreads a strong aroma
How can one not have a strong desire?
The provocative lovers, some here, some there
Arouse the pleasure,
what can a mortal creature do?
Ok, that was my short story
Your subtle hint be correct
But I am still young.

The trekking the mountain range
The walking along a gushing rivulet
The chirping nightingales
The laughter of beautiful maidens
Meeting one of them
My grief and worry vanished
When time stood still
One laughed and another wept
This is the tale of love
The exuberance of youth
Some kindness on the one side
Some ridiculousness on the other side
From sky (heaven) to earth
the grandeur of my beloved (God)
He wants a life of good deeds
Better I leave my life here
Death is so near I can’t believe
No, no, not yet
I am still young.

Worry not for open and close (chapters of my life?)
Care not for peak and trough (of life)
Worry not for (my) status and existence
Concerned not about the promise made at the day of creation

[the word in nazm is ‘waada-e-alast’ which refers in the context of the day of creation
when God asked ‘am I not your God? To which everyone said ‘Yes’.]

My hope and despair lost
My greed and rationality gone
Everything around me looks lost
Besides I miss my glass (of wine)
Let there not be lessening of intoxication in wine
Let me remain friendly with house (tavern)
Let the session (of drinking) continue
Let the more of the same continue
O soft singer, start an exhilarating melody
And take my sadness away
Create an effect by your voice and music
Light up fire in my heart
Let lips of every one say only one thing
Don’t stop me O my beloved
Pour on pour on more drinks
I am still young.

(Written by Hafeej Jalandhari n sung by Malika Pukhraaj-abhi to mein jawaan hun (i m still young)


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