Why is dt red signal in my life

I want to be free for wandering here n there;

My heart’s feelings want to smile everywhere.

My pure love wants to fly in blue sky forever.

My imagination’s word is wanting tenshionfree atmosphere.

What does my fate demand to me?

What may i offer him to please?

Are my life,my loneliness ,my mental peace is for only crushing?

Are these railway’s tracks for me absolutely trampling?

Those red signals r not green,are they ,for me,waiting?

Nah.dear life doesn’t depress coz of wranglings.

U r a uniqe gift of Almighty’s blessing.

Those red signals are to do wrong by you for stopping.

To spread love in unverse eventhough be alone.

Why do you depress in midway,this not your zone.

20.01.2017.             9.21pm

At railway station.

All copyright is reservd by aruna sharma.

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