Last MughalEmpror-now i m feeling like dis type?????????


radiif: aar huuN


naa kisii kii aaNkh kaa nuur huuN, naa kisii ke dil kaa qaraar huuN
jo kisii ke kaam na aa sake, maiN vo ek musht-e-gubaar huuN

main nahin huun naghma-e-jaaN feza, koii sun ke mujh ko karega kya
main baRe birog ki huuN sada, maiN baRe dukhoN ki pukaar huun

meraa rang ruup bigaR gayaa, meraa yaar mujh se bichaR gayaa
jo chaman khizaaN se ujaR gayaa, main usi ki fasl-e-bahaar huun

naa to maiN kisii kaa habiib huuN, naa to maiN kisii kaa raqiib huuN,
jo bigaR gayaa vo nasiib huun, jo ujaR gayaa vo dayaar huun.

pae faatihaa koi aae kyuuN, koi chaar phuul chaRhaae kyuuN?
koi aake shamaa jalaae kyuuN, maiN vo bekasi kaa mazaar huun

Rough English Translation-

not the light of any one’s eyes,
nor the solace for any one’s heart
of no use to anyone,
I am that one fistful of dust

I am not the song infusing life,
why would anyone want to hear me
I am the sound of separation,
I am the wail of much distress

my complexion and beauty is ravaged,
my beloved is parted from me
the garden that got ruined in autumn,
I am the crop of its spring

I am neither anyone’s friend,
nor am I anyone’s rival
the one that is ruined, I am that fate
the one that is destroyed, that land

why should anyone come to sing a requiem
why should anyone come to offer four flowers
why should anyone come to light a candle
I am the tomb of that destitution

Ghazal ***

radiif: aar meiN


Lagtaa nahii hai dil meraa ujRe dayaar meiN
kiss kii banii hai aalame-naapaaidaar meiN

umr-e-daraaz maaNg ke laaye the chaar din
do aarzuu meiN kaT gaye do intezaar meiN

kah do in hasratoN se kahiiN aur jaa baeiN
itnii jagah kahaaN hai dil-e-daaghdaar meiN

kitnaa hai badnaseeb zafar dafan ke liye
do gaz zamiin bhii naa milii kue-yaar mein

Rough English Translation-

cannot find peace, this heart of mine,
in this wrecked land
who has succeeded in this
transitory world

having asked for a long life
I brought back four days
two passed away in yearning
and two in waiting

tell these desires
to go and settle down elsewhere
where is so much space
in the scarred heart

how ill-fated is that
Zafar, for his burial
could not even find
two yards of land in the street of the beloved

By  Mughal EmprorBahadurshaah Zafar

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