hey dew !!in ur california

Gravity Hills are always surrounded by scary stories and far fetched urban legends. One of the more popular legends behind gravity hills involves the death of children. The children are often associated with a bus breaking down, and the children getting out of the vehicle and helping push. The story almost always involves the children getting crushed by the bus as it rolls back down the hill and over them. According to the popular legend, you can see the children’s handprints if you put baby powder on the front of your car, as their fingers and hands will appear in it as they push. There are several other variations on this story, ranging from the children drowning to escaped mental patients, as you will read further below. One involves the children playing in the street while the bus driver checks out the engine. The bus driver looks up too late as a car comes down the hill towards the unaware children. The bus driver tries to save them, but the car takes out the driver and all the children.

It is true,

Hey my dew;

Have ur verses some touch of gravity?

Because of those,i have fallen down;

But not as cursed bt having d security.

D dreaming’s valley,

As created by Shelley.

As ur Keat’s love;

As innocent dove;

What is dis heavenly feeling;

Dt is ,by u for all,creating.

And i m here in my thinking;

What has i gotten during u as missing.

12.1.2017.            11.30am.

Written by aruna sharma.


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