Time and love

How much it is a fake thing;

Love and time,i do often think.

Duty of time is passing,

Let it do its work and let love do to wink at it.

Love is not a slave of time,

No value of time without it.

Heart says to drown forever in continuous flowing nectar’s river.

How does time kill my love,

It is blessed by Almighty forever.

Whole universe is based on four words,

What have d time done with beloved’s world?

Day n night,dawn n dusk are,

Coming n going for many centuries.

But they are failed as deleterious,

For all immortal beloved stories.

My love doesn’t know about time,

Because dt never understand lovely feelings.

D time has wrinkled coz of continuous work,

But love has always shone as starfull sky as spark.

Uff,u go hey time,u r shirk,

Let my love smile as shurk.

10.1.2016.        10.00pm

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.


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