Dis is u ,hey dew….

In d oyester, so much beautiful pearl.
How  long u have lived in d ocean of pain, hiding in a shell. 

Very precious n shining is dis stone;

Not only a  stone bt words sung by u alone.

As lullaby for tired humans resting in their zone.

Oh dear !!dis is only you;

N many r waiting for you.

I know-when will you ,after on vacantion, come

Sure,with u returning, will bring a lot of some.

By relation, i’m nothing for u;

Bt poem’s pearls don’t know any boundaries,relations n comunity.

I have lost my valuable pearl;

If i may take d some shining to enlighten my path of life for humanity.

Then it will not be my fault, dew !

Because Moon does not shines for only a few. 

28.12.2016.                   11.45am

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.


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