U will have to come on my grave.. (Tumhe yuhi meri mazaar pe aanaa hoga…)

Nahi jaanta tha dil;

Ke ye nadaan kisi bedard ke pyaar me deewaana hoga.

(The innocent Heart did not know dt;

It would go crazy in a heartless’ love)

Uff,vo udaane dil ke patang si;

Aasmaan me hi ek  dor se ktana hoga.

(Oh, those flights of heart like those of kites’;

In d sky, it wud have to be cut down with a rope)

Vo dor bhi teri thi,maalum hua;

Tere dhokhon ko yun nibhana hoga.

(That rope was your,i just got to know;

For ur deceivings,i would have to keep them as special few)

Dil ki patang he aazaad duniya se;

Jism se juda rooh ka tujhe mol chukana hoga.

(Now,kite of heart is free from world,bt,

u will have to pay the price for separating the soul from the heart)

Tera qatl-e-andaaz khoob he;

Khush he par aage ashqon ke samander me doobna hoga.

(Good,Your style of murder is as d prey of marlin;

U r happy now bt it is sure-u will drown in the ocean of tears.)

Yun khel nahi ,meri jaan !ye muhobbat,

Gaur kar,bhatakti rooh ke dard ka bhojh uthana hoga.

(Love is not just a game,darling!!

Pay attention for u will have to take d load of hurting souls.)

Na chaahe tu magar,dil majboor hoga;

Haan,fatiha padhne tujhe mere mazaar pe aana hoga.

(If u may not want bt ur heart will have to compel;

Yeah,surely u have to come for prayer on my grave as bail.)

Kyonki jaanta he dil ,uska chain tumhi ho,

Vo khoya sukoon tumhe dilaana hoga. 

(Because my heart knows dt its calmness is near u;

My lost calmness,u will have to return .)

Apne sukoon ki khatir,o dilrooba!

Meri majaar pe aana hi hoga.

(For ur all calmness,o my heart’s depredater!

U will have to come definitely to my grave.)

27.12.2016.                12.40at midnight.

All copyright is reserved by aruna sharma.


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